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Root Canals at QVC Dental Port Kennedy

Dentist working on patientThe QVC Dental Port Kennedy team focuses on giving you a positive, comfortable experience at each of your visits to our practice. Many services are available to you and your entire family, and you can rest assured that we’ll discuss all possible treatment options with you, deciding together what is best for your situation.When necessary, we offer root canal treatment to save your tooth from needing to be extracted.

Choosing a Root Canal

This procedure may be indicated if the decay present in a tooth is nearing the tooth’s nerve. Your jaw has a nerve supply that runs to all teeth, providing it with the blood flow it needs. If the decay is present in the nerve, it will die out, and infection can result. If you already have an infection or there is an abscess, a root canal is usually an appropriate treatment.

Keeping You Comfortable

We want your dental care to be as stress-free and painless as possible. We offer a range of sedation options and will only proceed with treatment once you agree and are feeling completely comfortable. If your case is particularly complex, we work with an endodontist that we can refer you to.

Want to Learn More?

Schedule your appointment by phone or email today! If you’re in pain, we’ll see you as an emergency case as quickly as possible.


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