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New Patients

Unwind and Feel at Ease

Other dental practices can seem clinical or sterile. At QVC Dental Port Kennedy, we want you to feel as if you’ve stepped into an exclusive spa without worrying about costly expenses. In our relaxation room, you can lie on a daybed, breathe in aromatherapy, relax in soft lighting with background music playing and flip through a current magazine before your treatment. Coffee or tea is available, and we encourage you to sit back and take a moment for yourself.

Find out why we’re the right choice for people who have felt nervous about visiting the dentist previously!

Your comfort is at the center of all we do. Perhaps you’ve had an experience with the dentist that left you feeling worried or anxious. We want to take the utmost care of you, making sure you leave feeling like you’re looking forward to your next dental check.

Caring Family Dentistry in Port Kennedy

When you book a new patient visit, we’ll send you a packet with:

You can send the health forms back to us via email or bring them along to the appointment. If you’re interested in joining our membership program, let us know, and we’ll send you a form for direct debit.

Getting Started

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by our front office coordinator. If you agree, a photograph will be taken of you to start the creation of your dental records. You can then take us up on our offer of coffee or tea while you take a seat in our patient lounge.

Your dental assistant will introduce themselves and accompany you to a room that looks and feels different than anything you’d expect at a dental practice. Our rooms are themed to help you feel calm and comfortable.

Tailored Dental Care

We’ll give you a dental assessment form that allows you to score how you feel about various aspects of your smile such as colour, health and shape. Through this information, we can gain a better understanding of your concerns or ideas about your oral health, which your dentist will review with you at your examination. The first visit will take about 45 minutes.

Payment plans are available to make excellent dentistry accessible to all. Find out more when you contact our Port Kennedy team today!


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